[blog post by Starla J. King, Big Fish 2009-10]

Ah, summertime! 

Long days of sunshine luring us to the water, summer vacations giving us an excuse to play hard and relax even harder, and all sorts of external activities encouraging us to step away from work for a while.

Ice cream, anyone? 🙂

While it might seem counter-intuitive to talk about goals during this time of typical work breaks, it’s actually one of the best times to review and reset our goals.  Our minds are open, our energy is in a positive place, and our dreams are more accessible.  It’s a perfect set-up!

I have my Big Fish Goals Wheel in front of me — created in Dec 2009 during Lorin’s Big Fish Annual Goals-setting Teleclass, expanded a bit in January (2010), revised slightly this spring.  Let’s take a look together at some of my goals:

Intention: Mystically connected
– Yoga at least 1 time per week
– Morning Pages [2 pages stream of consciousness longhand writing ] 5 days per week
– Monthly “Artist Date” [anything that fills my creative storehouse] alone

Intention: Simply amazing
– Set up OutWrite Living (see OutWrite Living biz goals)
– Complete Book 1 concept, outline, and proposal
– Establish myself as expert blogger-for-hire / blogging coach (see OutWrite Living biz goals)
– Set up t-shirt line and begin selling at least 3 designs

Fun & Recreation:
Intention: Main Ingredient
– Daily playtime

A quick review of my Personal goals, and I realize that I haven’t done yoga even one time ALL year.  So I need to look at that – am I the issue here, or does the goal just not fit?  In this case, it’s the goal – I’ve done other body and spiritual work that has met that need wonderfully, so I am erasing that goal because I no longer need it.  (note, always use PENCIL… goals set in stone can actually get in the way of our success!)

Morning pages 5 days per week?  Check!  Celebrate my success there!  With ice-cream, of course.

Monthly Artist Date?  I’ve neglected that, and definitely still need that goal.  No revisions there, no self-reprimand — just renewed focus.

My Career goals are on track, which actually surprises me.  I’ve felt as though I haven’t made a lot of progress towards the career goals, but I see in reality, I’m right where I planned to be at this time of year.  More celebration (and more ice-cream! and a new goal to work out even harder! 🙂 ):
– New business (OutWrite Living) is being formed
– The book concept is becoming more clear as the  new business takes shape
– I have several blog-writing jobs and am coaching people re: successful blog-writing
– Our t-shirts are ready (just need to get them online for sale)

Fun & Recreation?  I’ve had playtime in most of my days, but definitely not all, so I’ll keep that goal as it is and will refresh my determination to make play a MAIN INGREDIENT of my life – a non-negotiable. 

As you can see, this is not a difficult exercise… it’s actually fun (ooh, I just met one of my goals for today!). 

Hopefully you already have your goals written down and refer to them often, but if you don’t, you can create them nowYou still have an entire ½ of this year to make things happen! 

What are some of your key goals??  Share them here to give them even more strength, to get support from other readers, and to get excited about them all over again!

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