Welcome to the home of Lorin Beller & Co — a new look for a remodeled business (formerly Big Fish Nation)!

I have had a lot of personal growth and shifts recently, and it was time for my business to shift with me.  Now more than ever, we entrepreneurs must be ready to change along with the needs of those we serve… and with our own needs.

I needed a “reSparking” of my own energy and vision… and that got me thinking about what other entrepreneurs might really need.

Our world has changed so much even in the past few years, so how have the needs of entrepreneurs (including myself!) changed?

  • We need new ways to determine our priorities and focus our attention there.
  • We need help getting clear on what we really want and need in our lives and our businesses… and how to let go of the things we don’t need.
  • We need fewer things put ON our plates and more things taken OFF — and the wisdom to know which is which!
  • We need to partner and collaborate more efficiently than ever before.
  • We need to become experts in dealing with change… sometimes creating the change ourselves, and sometimes reacting to change others have created.

As entrepreneurs, we have a chance to build businesses that positively impact our own lives, our communities, and the world around us — not just by the products and services we offer, but by the examples we set of living and working with integrity and heart, while making smart choices.  WE can reSpark the Entrepreneurial Revolution

Lorin Beller & Co is set up to adapt more quickly to the changing needs of entrepreneurs — by providing:
  • More 1-1 coaching opportunities (which are open now to men also, not just women)
  • Shorter group-learning programs (still under the name of Big Fish Nation… which is a program now instead of a separate business)
  • Even more focused coaching around specific goals
  • Even stronger motivation and tools to help you reSpark the entrepreneurial revolution because our world needs and wants you to be HOT!
What has not changed?  Lorin Beller & Co is still about:
  • Being and creating the success that you know is possible for you and your life
  • Creating and maintaining freedom … while staying grounded … in life and business
  • A whole-person approach
  • Big inspiration for life and work

The “& Co” part of this company consists of the same wonderful team members:  detail person Gail Benmosche, coaches Amy Cotter and Nancy Duncan, and communications/writing assistance from Starla J. King.  Click here to read more about this amazing team!

I have also started a new Lorin Beller & Co. Facebook fan page.  This will soon replace the Big Fish Nation Facebook fan page, so make sure to “Like” the new Lorin Beller & Co. Facebook fan page to stay connected to your entrepreneurial community.

So tell me … how have YOUR needs changed?  What do YOU need to help reSpark your revolution??  What is your biggest challenge right now as an entrepreneur?