It’s the second week of January, 2010 – how are your New Years Resolutions coming along?  Be honest…

You might be surprised to know that I personally try not to set New Year’s resolutions.  They tend to carry with them the expectation of failure, with success being measured not by whether you achieved what you wanted, but just by how long you stuck to your new plan.  Think about it, when someone tells you they are still following their New Year’s resolution a whole month later, aren’t you actually surprised? 

However, just because I don’t set New Year’s resolutions, that doesn’t mean I dive wildly into a new year without challenging myself and setting a clear plan.  I set GOALS.  They are written down, they are clear, and they are exciting!  AND I set the expectation of meeting them. 

I’m not talking about blah “things I should do but really dislike doing” kind of goals, I’m talking about setting challenges that light a fire under you every day and keep you motivated and reaching for the stars. 

So… have you set your goals and written them down?  If not, don’t worry, there’s still time!  Set aside ½ an hour and take some time to think about what you really want to accomplish this year. 

Need some motivation?  Read this short article about an amazing woman, Tererai Trent, and the incredible goals she set – and reached!

If you are struggling with this process, we highly recommend purchasing our goal setting teleclass that we recorded live in December (click here).  It will make the process highly inspiring and easy!

We at Big Fish Nation love to think about those exciting things that make us just a bit (or a lot!) nervous because those are the goals that make us stretch.  Go ahead, write those things down for yourself!

So, your goals are written, now what?  You should not do them alone!  You will be exponentially more effective (and motivated!) if you have a community to support you in reaching your goals.  Big Fish Nation  is here to support you in reaching your goals, big and small.  We’d love to have you swim with us – come on in, the water’s warm!  

You see, as you reach your goals, it keeps all of us moving toward our vision.

When one women business owner accomplishes something, it not only lifts her, but all women entrepreneurs that are working to have greater impact.

Your success matters.

Our success matters.

Make 2010 matter like no other year you’ve experienced yet !  It all starts with your goals…

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