Some of the most difficult goals to commit to are the ones around rest and rejuvenation. Taking a break is a challenge for many people, and I think it is an especially difficult challenge for women entrepreneurs.  We are used to working hard in our business for many hours each day, most days each week, then continuing our “work” at home with our families.

As entrepreneurs, sometimes we confuse working hard with working long hours.  We think that if we work to the point of exhaustion, then we know we have done everything we could to be “successful.” How successful are we really if we are drained at the end of each day, and don’t have anything left in our energy reserve tanks?

Often it is more difficult to take a break than it is to keep working and pushing ourselves to the limit. So this week’s Revisit Your Goals challenge is focused on retreat and rejuvenation.

What goals do you have that give you a chance to rebuild the energy that you have given to your business, your family, and to everyone else? Do you have goals around fun, recreation, and retreat?

I challenge you this month to review and revise your rejuvenation goals in a way that gives them priority focus.

  • Give yourself a day at the park to read and write and plan, or
  • Take a retreat at a resort where you can relax enough to stretch and grow, or
  • Take a couple hours at a local coffee shop to meet a friend, or enjoy the quiet of being just with yourself!

It can be a few hours or a few days  — you know how much time you need to get re-energized about your life and business, so make sure your goals match that!

This week, I will be in the New York Adirondacks with 8 other Big Fish at the Starfish “Rejuvenate Your Soul and Business” Retreat, taking a break from our usual business routines so we can get new energy and new clarity — in our businesses and the rest of our lives.  Each of these women has made the commitment to take time for themselves because they know how important self-care is to their success!

Each Starfish Retreat gives participants a chance to get away from the office and connect with other women business owners through fun, self care, exercise, healthy food, adventure, and unique business planning exercises — a combination geared toward rejuvenating and recharging in a big way!   Stay tuned for next week’s blog post that will share the highlights of this retreat!

Here’s a taste of the experience from a participant of the February Starfish Retreat in San Diego: “Breaking Arrows and Building Business.   We have one more Starfish Retreat this year:  December at L’Auberge Del Mar in southern California;  a perfect chance to commit to your  rejuvenation goals!  Click here for more information.

We all need time to just slow down and rejuvenate.  What will YOU do to make sure you take a break??