Back to School, Back to work!
It is that time of year when, as women business owner, the energy shifts yet again. Whether you have children or not, there is a fresh energy in the air that says ‘time to get to work’ and if you are a women that does have children, your life is back that old powerful routine again.
So I am curious, are you having fun with that new energy or dreading it?
This is an important awareness. How you ‘feel’ about this time of year will either inspire you to complete those 2009 goals or shrink with them. It is your choice. I wish you huge inspiration to create, dive in, do, and become the success I know you can this year.
Use the new routine to get the actions in place, the ‘hard’ work done – the new habits formed. This can be one of the most productive times of year. Naturally, it is the time when we ‘harvest’ so remember all the seeds that you have planted along the way this year, plant more, follow up, get rigorous! Here are 7 things to do to make this ‘harvest season’ most effective:
1. Know your goals
2. Get your marketing plan in order for September, October, November, December
3. Inform your team of the 4 month plan
4. SCHEDULE the plan! Get your calendar adjusted to be able to do what you want to accomplish, don’t just think it will happen.
5. Form a new habit! We call this creating a ‘Daily Business Ritual’ (or DBR)… this is critical and at every stage of business it is time to shake up that ritual, get rigorous!
6. Be sure that the 2 or 3 things that MUST be done each day (DRB) are done early. This insures my success. When I complete them, I find I am naturally in a productivity phase and even more gets accomplished!
7. Go Bold! Call that person that you think would say no, call the person that does not know you but want to know, do what you love and charge for it!! 
Happy re-entry. Enjoy the energy of harvesting.