Have you ever needed to take a sabbatical from life or business?  A sick spouse?  Or ill family member?  Or you had a baby and life was not what you expected afterwards?  A divorce?  Or a death of loved one?  Or perhaps you were diagnosed with an illness? Or something that felt ‘wrong’ happened and you found yourself retreat for a period of time?  I love this:


It takes time to ‘move on’ from a plot twist.  In our ‘Big Fish Coaching Program‘ we call this ‘recovery.’  And recovery usually is about recovering in all ways:  physically, spiritually, mentally, financially and emotionally. And at some point, it is time to ‘re-enter.’  Webster defines this word the following way:  ‘to bring back to normal position or condition.’  So, that being said, what is normal?  I like to think that my normal is finely tuned and in my best self.  The goal is to get back on track quickly and efficiently.  How do we do this?

Lorin’s 5 Steps to Recovery:

  1. Notice that we are not in our ‘Best Self”.
  2. Notice what you are…. label it for yourself?  Victim?  Hurt?  Angry?  Defeated?  Whatever it is, label it.
  3. Ask yourself ‘What do I need to do to take care of me in order to get back to Best Self?’  (Often times easier said then done!)
  4. Ask yourself ‘What needs to be cleaned up from being in that place you just labeled?’
  5. Take Action every day from your new Best Self!

This can be one of the most powerful places you’ll ever be!  Are you ready to re-enter from a plot twist?

My team and I are offering a 30 day coaching program for people that are ‘re-entering from a plot twist’ of any kind.  Our coaching team is standing by.  We know you need:

  • Support and Accountability to take action every day
  • Creative thinking when it comes to where to from here
  • Perhaps labeling where you are
  • Encouragement in stepping into the most powerful place you’ve ever been
  • And perhaps help in seeing the silver lining from the plot twist

I am ready, are you?  Join me!