This is Gail my long time friend and colleague, yes with a goat on her back at a Starfish Retreat this year. One of the highlights of my year.

As we are about to step into a new year, before we do so, it is a luxury to take the time and evaluate the year we are leaving behind.  It has been another 365 days around the sun in this body.  I realize the significance of that as I have experienced loss of a colleague this year and it is also the last year my daughter is a ‘kid’ as she enters her teen years this next year.  It is the end of 2018.  It is also the end of one of my hardest years yet as my daughter had a very challenging year with her health and when our kids aren’t great we as parents aren’t either.  Thankfully we are on the other side of that health challenge.  So as I sit to prepare for my planning for the new fresh year, the following questions I find helpful:

Looking back on the previous year:

What are am I most proud of?

What are the lessons/what have I learned?

How did I spend my free time?  (was it worth it?)

On a scale of 1-5 (5 being awesome), How well did I take care of me?  (Mind, Body, and Soul)

When was I inspired to be creative?

How have I been procrastinating?

What have I completed?

Where have I felt most alive?

As I leave this year….

Where am I feeling stuck?

Have I been unfair to anyone?

Who do I need to forgive?

Where is it time to let go?

What is yet to be finished that I want to finish?

What old habits do I want to let go of?

What new habits do I want to begin?

Where can I become more full of grace?

What part of my life can I be more kind to myself?

Good Bye 2018.  Thank you for the lessons.  Thank you for the experiences.  Thank you for the joy.  Thank you for the life we lived during these 365 days.  And cheers to you as you take some time for self reflection as we close this 2018 chapter with honor and grace.