Private Coaching

Ready for Private Coaching?

Lorin (and her team) work with private clients each year. She has worked with some clients for over 10 years, so each year she takes on just a few. As entrepreneurs and leaders, we tend to ‘have no one to talk to about business, challenges, team dynamics and successes – and if we do if we constantly lean on the same person for this it effects the relationship.  Having Lorin in your hip pocket changes all that! With Lorin as your inspirer, supporter, brainstorm partner, champion, strategist, there is no place that is off limits. I offer a no strings, no commitment sample coaching session so that we both can get a sense of how we would work together.

“As female business owners we’re so often giving the advice, teaching and supporting our clients. I was giving all of my best work away (and not charging enough!) and spending zero time on my own goals. I was running a marketing company but spending zero time marketing myself. Lorin not only gave me permission to focus on my business, she made it my top responsibility, gave me tools to work though the challenges, and kept me accountable. This is not “cheer you on from the sidelines” coaching, this is “running along beside you keeping you going in the rain” kind of coaching. The impact it’s had on my business (and my life) is priceless.”

Jenny Magic

What’s Included…

Some of Lorin’s clients have grown multi-million dollar businesses over the years, some lost 100 pounds, some have written books, some have put their kids through college engendering zero debt, some have become experts nationally in their field of expertise. Opportunities are endless!

Private Coaching Calls

You get Lorin’s attention as often as you need it. This relationship is like no other.

Email & Text Communication

Continual support is offered in communication methods that work for you.

Even Private Retreats if needed!

To help you stay on track, take the time you need for yourself and your business, and to explore your future plans and goals.

See what some of Lorin’s Private Clients are saying…

“Since beginning with Lorin we have seen our business grow from four to over twelve million dollars annually and because of our continued coaching sessions I am alert and focused on our continued success. During our monthly sessions Lorin and I have worked together on: • Company growth plan year after year • Motivating staff • Hiring and Firing decisions • Health and weight loss (I have lost over 80 pounds the past 6 years) • Approaching my college age sons as a strong and effective parent rather than reacting in difficult situations. • I have learned to sail, bought a sail boat and improved my Golf Game. • Consciously contribute to the world around me every single day. I know that working with Lorin has helped me stay on task, work through difficult challenges and enrich my life. Every entrepreneur should invest in a coach and have Lorin in their hip pocket. My world is better because I allowed Lorin in.”

Joe Masciocco

“Lorin Beller, the Big Tuna, has created an awe-inspiring program that delivers. Her big picture perspective, strong mentoring skills and ability to inspire bold action were just what I needed to re-position my business to one in total alignment with my passions, skills and life experiences.”

Leslie Hamp

If you have questions or want to have a conversation to get a better sense of how we might work together, let’s schedule a time to talk (no charge and no strings) so that I can understand what your needs are and where you want to go… and if I might be the person to help you get there and support you on your journey.