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People that participate in the Change Maker Nation Program either have their own business that they want to have more impact with or they are working for someone else and they are yearning to do something else and have more impact, make changes… but as you can see they all are people that want the support be the Change Maker that they know they were meant to be.  And they want to be a part of a community of like minded people.

We go on a year long adventure together.  2 times per month as a group and 2 times per month with your private coach… We will slay gremlins, gain clarity, develop a sustainable plan and keep our feet to fire with love along the way.  I promise lots of insight, inspiration, fresh perspectives, bold actions and deep intentions.  And we will find SOULutions to the problems that arise.  REAL SOULutions that work for the heart and the bank account and the world
Our adventure will take place in a casual (24) group setting and intimate (24) one-on-one sessions with your coach,
We use the zoom platform for groups and phone for the private coaching sessions.  
48 sessions in total (4 times per month) for a whole year… that, my friends, is how change happens! 
What I know after years of offering coaching and education – when you put the two together, magic happens!  
Join Change Maker Nation’s Yearlong Program – its a game changer for the Change Maker! And you build your community along the way.
Pricing is either:  $600/mo (12 payments) or $6000/year (1 payment)

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