Change Maker Nation Certification

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Become Certified to be a leader of Change Maker Nation!

Be able to use our proven Intentions wheels (all of them!) in your business, school, or organization.

Program includes:

  • Certification to use so that you can use the Change Maker Nation Intention Wheel (co-branded).
  • You will be trained how to guide clients to use the tool in its most powerful form.
  • Support you to use the wheel within your unique group (church groups, women’s retreats, women circles, families, teen groups, corporate teams, college students, and more!)
  • Introduction to all of the products and how to use them so that you can buy them wholesale and sell them to your clients/groups.  The products work!  (and create passive income!!)
  • How to use this Intention tool to grow your business.
  • How to lead our Intention Setting Workshop to grow your business.
  • The Change Maker Nation community is one that is focused on living with integrity and intention.  Imagine the impact of surrounding yourself with Change Makers.
  • Living with Intention in all aspects of our lives is a game changer.
6 weeks, 6 hours total!  Easy!  Via Zoom (video and phone)
Next Certification starts Thursday January 16, 2020 @ 11:00am PT.  (And for the next 5 Thursdays after that)
I want to share one of the most powerful human development tools I have ever used. 

Our World Needs Change Makers every where!  Join the Nation and empower more Change Makers to stay on track and have the impact in the world they want. And grow your business at the same time!

  • Lorin Beller & Co will only certify 25 professionals per year. Once filled, a waiting list will be started for the next year.
  • Once certified, you may be an Approved Referral Partner and earn additional income
  • $2000