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Become Certified to be a leader of Change Maker Nation!

Lorin Beller designed this Intention wheel in 2002 – a very simple yet  extremely powerful tool.  It is the foundation of how she has worked with her coaching clients over the past 17 years. Lorin is a single mom fully responsible for her income and this tried and true tool and system has served Lorin and her clients beautifully all these years.  Lorin also wrote a book on the topic.  For the first time, Lorin is now certifying a select group of people/organizations to use the Change Maker Nation Intention Wheel.

For example:

  • Coaches
  • Schools/Teachers
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Church Organizations
  • Businesses
  •  Workshop Leaders
  • Health Professionals

This 6 modules (6 weeks) program includes:

  • Certification to use so that you can use the Change Maker Nation Intention Wheel (co-branded).
  • You will be trained how to guide clients to use the tool in its most powerful form.
  • Support you to use the wheel within your unique group (church groups, women’s retreats, women circles, families, teen groups, corporate teams, college students, and more!)
  • Introduction to all of the products and how to use them so that you can buy them wholesale and sell them to your clients/groups.  The products work!  (and create passive income!!)
  • How to use this Intention tool to grow your business.
  • How to lead our Intention Setting Workshop to grow your business.
  • The Change Maker Nation community is one that is focused on living with integrity and intention.  Imagine the impact of surrounding yourself with Change Makers.
  • Living with Intention in all aspects of our lives is a Game Changer.

Our World Needs Change Makers every where!  Join the Nation and empower more Change Makers to stay on track and have the impact in the world they want. 

  • Fee:$750/mo (3 payments) or $1995 if paid upfront
  • Lorin Beller & Co will only certify 12 professionals per year. Once filled, a waiting list will be started for the next year.
  • Once certified, you may be selected to become an Approved Referral Partner and earn additional income!
  • In order to become a Certified Change Maker Nation Leader fill out our application!  Email to apply.

Founding Approved Referral Partners:

Kim Adams

Sherie Hobbs

Sherie Hodds