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Lorin Beller, in 2002, designed this goal wheel – a very simple yet  extremely powerful tool.  It is the foundation of how she has worked with her coaching clients over the past 17 years. Lorin is a single mom fully responsible for her income and this tried and true tool and system has served Lorin and her clients beautifully all these years.  Lorin also wrote a book on the topic.  For the first time, Lorin is now certifying already certified professional coaches (cpc & cpcc’s) to use the Big Fish Goal Wheel and wants them to be wildly successful with it.

This 6 modules (3 months) program for currently certified coaches (cpc’s & cpcc’s) only includes:

  • Certification to use the Big Fish Goal Wheel (co-branded)
  • Support to become intimate with the Goal Wheel so that you can guide your clients to use it as the powerful tool that it is
  • Support to use the wheel within your unique coaching niche
  • Introduction to the company that provides my clients with a custom gift annually to support clients day to day and all year long
  • How to use the goal wheel tool to build a 6 figure income
  • Sharing the sales process steps so that you can duplicate it including but not limited to:
    • Sample sessions (how many and how often and how to do them)
    • Scheduling the sample calls and the follow up calls (the process)
    • Writing the proposal (all of the components)
    • Asking the simple closing question – know when to ask the question and how to handle all of the various responses
    • And all of the nuances in-between those steps
    • Lorin will share ALL of her steps to help you be successful
  • Then the second half of the program, you will build your business every step of the way receiving feedback all along the process
  • Lorin will teach you, coach you (in a small group), guide you, so that by the time the program is over you have built your business or are well on your way with knowing exactly what you need to do.
  • Fee:$750/mo (3 payments) or $1995 if paid upfront
  • Lorin Beller & Co will only certify 12 coaches per year. Once filled, a waiting list will be started for the next year.

What is a Big Fish you ask?  A Big Fish is a Heart-Focused, Conscious-Minded, Bottom-line-Driven Entrepreneur/Leader who cares deeply about their connections in the world, connections both personally and professionally. A Big Fish also cares about the impact they have each day. They also enjoy swimming with other Big Fish and growing the ‘Nation’ of like-minded conscious entrepreneurs in the world.

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