Do you want to hate this topic as much as I do? I bet. That is obviously because when we are in the midst of problems, the last thing we want to do is summon the observer perspective to see that problems are opportunities. There is almost something luring and delicious about letting ourselves live in the victim mentality. It can provide so much, right? People are nice to you and feel sorry for you when you are the victim. You are not responsible for the situation because everyone is acting against you and you are helpless to stop it. Believe me, I am just as easy to succumb as the next person. When you are in a mess of trouble, this may be the easiest pattern to slide into.

What I am asking you to do, in that moment filled with problems and trouble is to resist this urge.

Mindfulness and the observer mentality always reveal that Problems are Opportunites

Think about what problems really are. They are hitches in our, otherwise, easy path. They make us stop and they rearrange our life in unexpected ways. They may have developed deep ruts in our brain because we allowed them to continue for so long. Regardless, you know you have a problem. You know when you are in trouble. At that moment, you have a choice. You can mindless react as is your usual M.O…..Or… can start to see what this shake up is trying to reveal. Maybe you will see a pattern in your problems. When we summon that observer mentality to our life, we can see so much clearer what is really going on. Often, a whole series of problems in our life are all directing us in one direction and for some reason, we are resisting. Are you afraid of letting go? Afraid of the unknown? Afraid of what other people might think? When we acknowledge what is really going on, we can move toward a way of being.

Your problems are not there for nothing. They are pulling you toward a new way of being, a better way of being. They are telling you, “Something isn’t right for you. Make it right!” When you listen, you will hear and live into what your challenge is calling you to be.  Mindfulness makes it so. What is your observer self telling you?