Last week spoke of the ‘re-entry’ stage we are in…. and what I know is that planning is a key aspect of this time of year. We need to plan for success – not just hope it happens. We need a plan. A written plan! Written plans are so much more impactful than a plan you hold in your head. Why? For many reasons:
1. You spend more time planning when you write it down. So it is well thought out.
2. The written word has more energy than just the thought alone (although the thought is very powerful!)
3. The written word is more easily delegated! If we do not write it down, we cannot pass it on to our team to do for us (a key place women need to work! We tend to think only we can do it!)
4. The written word holds us more accountable – it is firm, in place, solid.
So, I hope I have inspired you to write your plan for the rest of the year….

Now, it is time to look at what we are writing and planning for. I like to look specifically at my marketing. I look at what I am going to do and when (what month) and which ‘audience’ it is going to impact. For example, how do I want to impact my online twitter followers or my facebook followers, or my audience when I speak or the folks on my mailing list. You need to think about all of them even new ones (with new advertizing or marketing). Look at all the groups and decide a plan for communicating and marketing to them. If this sounds complicated, sign up for our newsletter, because very soon, we will be announcing our first ever, Big Fish nation: Toes in the Water Program. It is a short 6 week program that includes 2 teleclasses (one on sales and one marketing), as well as 3 private one-on-one coaching calls with one of our Big Fish Coaches. Plan for success!