last quarter goalsEvery year, when I find myself in October, I am shocked. It is madness because it happens with such regularity and such rapidity that I really need to take note. If you are not careful, what happens is that the holiday seasons and the parties and gatherings can get so all consuming that we lose sight of where we are going. We get lost in the present. Now is the time to slow down, return to your goal wheel, and examine your last quarter goals.

It is just the middle of October and between the kids, and the Halloween party I just got invited to, I am liable to get dragged into masses of additional to do lists and wig orders.

How do you slow it down and plan last quarter goals?

  1. Plan a date with yourself: Plan a “get straight” date. Put it in the calendar, make it special. It is a date with you and for you. Go to your favorite lunch spot and get ready to take care of yourself, even if for only an hour. Pull out your goal wheel from the beginning of the year…you do have a goal wheel, don’t you?
  2. Re-examine where you have come: Go through each area of your life. Look at your accomplishments and be willing to get real about where you have dropped the ball. Are your original goals still realistic? Are they still what you want? How have they morphed?
  3. Restate and reaffirm your last quarter goals: Spend a moment to meditate upon your overall yearly intention. Stay in this mindful space of self-compassion until you really feel the energy of your intention. Go through the wheel again and form new goals that will allow you to meet your yearly goals.
  4. See the path ahead: Spend the last 15-20 minutes of your date seeing yourself, goals accomplished. If you need to make some micro-goals to meet your yearly goals, do so now. This is the moment where we let the intention and the goal unify. It is a place of strength.

Now Go Forth!

Enjoy your Diwali/Halloween/Samhain/All Saints Day/Thanksgiving/Advent/Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule/Kwanza

In Peace…