I beg you don’t get sucked in by him.  Because you are.  How are you getting sucked in – you ask – he loves me, he loves this country!

He speaks his mind in this moment and he is angry and it makes you angry.  So you align with him – against someone.  That someone might be our current president, your mother, your husband, your wife, his ex-wife, her ex-husband, it doesn’t matter who it is but your relationship is based on hate against ‘them.’  This is a sign of a con man.  You find yourself walking around angry and frustrated and comforted by his presence in your life.  One day that anger will turn towards you.  I know that.

He seems always to ‘be right’  – why?  He tells you what you want to hear in this moment but it is not based on truth.  It is not based on facts.  It is only based on his emotion that you have aligned with.  A con mans emotion becomes their truth but it is not THE TRUTH.  He seems to be putting into words what you think you would say, but truly it is only because you have aligned with HIS ANGER.  This is a psychological phenomenon called cognitive dissonance.  (Educate yourself!)

But he is so successful you say?!  Yes, and he has a bank account to prove it so that must make him so.  But how did he make that money?  Watch closely.  He charms the heck of the person(s) he wants or needs something from to make money.  Once that person no longer has value to him, he tosses them aside like trash.  He uses people to build that bank account (or his image). He is a charmer and he is charming you right now and you are buying it.  Don’t.  Watch his ACTIONS NOT HIS WORDS. His actions show his truth.  Not his words.

He measures people by money in the bank…. The more money, the more he will value them.  His goal, to have the image of having more.  Image is what matters most.  Looking good, having the title, having the house on the right street in the right part of town, or the right car or the right clothes, or the right hairstyle, etc.  And he convinces you that you can have that too (and you did not even want it in the first place!) – but you have hope that you can be more like him, he is your ticket to happiness.  Hope is a good thing to have in the world when it is based on love, honesty, truth, support and integrity.  But when it based on falsities and a fake image, hope will be shattered and it will always be out of reach.

The conversation somehow always gets turned back to him – the con man.  In time you notice that your feelings and perspectives never really matter.  Because some how, some way it’s your fault and there is zero responsibility ever taken on his part.  Zero.  He blames everyone else for anything negative that has ever happened.  This is the nature of a con man.  You constantly ask yourself, what can I do to make it better?  Vote for him.  Give him attention.  Just a bit more…  Or a bit less…  you try, you stretch but it is not ever enough.  Happiness eludes you.  And you believe that he will make you happy – he won’t!  But somehow he convinces you that he will be the knight in shining armor that will fix it all.  But he never does.  He can’t.

In one audience he says one thing and with another audience he says another…. This is a con man.  He is saying what he needs to say to get approval of whomever he is in-front of.  He thrives on an audience, your attention – he will do whatever he can to get your attention – you feel pulled by this.  Notice your pull, the conflict within yourself.  This is your intuition trying to get your attention.  LISTEN.

There is always an agenda but not a plan.  This is interesting because he looks like a master in some ways.  He looks brilliant and calculating and nimble.  And then in others times he seems to stumble, he appears to have not a clue.  It is a bit confusing.  But he is a master of using what is in this moment to look good to you.  This has us trust him.  Don’t.  That is what he wants – to keep you confused – trusting him.  That confusion is a sign – don’t vote for the con man.  Don’t go with the con man.  Don’t marry the con man. Don’t live with the con man.  Don’t work for the con man.  Your mother tried to tell you, but you didn’t listen or didn’t hear it or you got mad at her.  Listen to your own inner knowing.  Trust YOURSELF.  RUN!  VOTE FOR INTEGRITY.  Take care of yourself – not the con man.

How do I know?  I did it.  I trusted a con man once.  It is all a façade that will not last.  He is phony.  He does not have the grit, the stamina, the integrity, the depth of experience or the ability to do the real work when it comes to relationships and long term commitment when things get hard and ugly and putting this country, you, and the children first.

My plea to you, please, not the con man!

Note:  There are women who are con men too… it is not just men.