Well, we made it from Austin, TX to San Diego by car while our moving truck had our ‘stuff’ — I was realizing how little ‘stuff’ we really need in life. If that truck never showed up, it would have been fine. And I am glad it did!

As our dog, who has glaucoma, was losing her site as we traveled due to stress and lousy timing, I realized how unattached she was to her vision (or lack of). As long as she was with us, she was happiest.

I realized how amazingly easy my 4.5 year old daughter travels as long as she has the right ‘tools’ such as crafty things, workbooks, music, rich and silly conversation.

As we pulled up to our rental house in Solana Beach, which we rented via craigslist without seeing it, I realized that you can really make any house a home, and we did luck out! Because I knew the basic criteria of what we wanted, it was important to ask for those things upfront, I guess this is true with anything in life: a partner, a job, a work relationship, etc. We have to know what we want in order to ask for it so that we ultimately receive it.

As I sit here in my office a week after the moving truck arrived, after just getting off the phone with a dear friend, I realize that it does not matter where you live; friends and family are with you no matter how far away they are.

As I hear the new nanny, which I hired via the phone a month or so ago, working down stairs I am grateful for her ‘take charge’ initiative. If I was doing in person interviews it may have turned out differently, however, I know now to trust my intuition to listen with my whole being. She is the perfect person for our family at this time.

So a move across country is not always easy, packing, unpacking, driving, hotels, fast food, new neighborhood, new network of resources to learn about, new schools, new friends, new neighbors, new views, new roads, new ways. It is the top 3rd stressful thing we do in life, move! However, I realize after looking back at the past month, that I let it go, allowed ease and also asked for help and got help lined up right away.

Thanks for following our trek on facebook and if you have not joined us there please do! (Lorin Beller Blake and Big Fish Nation) There will be more journeys to document, learn from and enjoy.