There is only one success-to be able to spend your life in your own way.Christopher Morley

My 30-hr work week means more family time!

It is so easy for us to believe the mainstream thinking that in order to be successful, we need to work long hours every day and put in at least 40, 50, or 60 hours of work each week.

What is actually more difficult is not to work MORE hours, but to work FEWER hours. That is why this month’s business challenge is to Create a 30 Hour Work Week for ourselves.  I do believe that success does take work and effort, but let’s make it great work with big impact!

It might seem impossible, especially as an entrepreneur, to complete your work each week in just 30 hours, but I assure you IT IS POSSIBLE.  It just requires a real intentionality about each day and each hour and a willingness to make changes in the way you work.

Last week I started you out on your 30 hour work week challenge with a topic introduction (video included!) and a few tips.  This week I have 3 more tips for you as you create your own 30-hour work week:

  1. NOTICE!  Notice which habits and work you currently do that are no longer serve you and your time efficiently (like going to the office at 8am or leaving only after the last person has left!) — NOTICE and BREAK those habits!
  2. Start NEW habits! Replace those old worn out habits with BIG BOLD effective habits that grow your company.  You are an entrepreneur — you can find those powerful new habits!  Once you notice, CHOOSE!
  3. Partner UP! Partner with people that take tasks off your plate directly AND who can do those tasks even better than you did!  Stop wasting energy on tasks (or roles!) that do not energize you or make the best use of YOUR time!  (Learn more about partnering in Wednesday’s FREE Lorin & Friends call with Michele DeKinder-Smith).

You may have noticed I used exclamation points on all of those tips — that is because if we want to create a 30-hour work week for ourselves, we must commit fully to making these changes, and the time to start is NOW. Procrastination is definitely the enemy of a 30-hr work week!

For a moment, imagine the impact in your life if you were able to ‘Do More Great Work’ and work just 30 hours per week… how would that impact your family, your health, and your state of mind?  Think about if your entire team only worked 30 hours per week… and the impact on them and their families.  Finally, think about if we were able to hire more people, 30 hours per week, what this trend would do to our economy… just imagine.  More people hired, more people working yet having a quality life…!

What changes will YOU make — starting TODAY — to take control of your work hours??? Let us know in a comment below!