This month in our April “Maximize Your Money” business challenge, we have been talking about our relationship with money.  Like with any relationship, how we “get along” with money can be different depending on different situations, so to get a useful idea of where the relationship really stands, we need to look at each of the different areas.

This week, we will look at our “money matters” rating — a practical snapshot of where we currently stand in our relationship with money.   When we are more clear about our current relationship, then we can decide what (if any) changes we need to make and how to make them.   

On a scale of 1 – 5 (1= not at all where I want it to be; 5 = exactly where I want it to be), rate how well you do with each of the following:

  • Managing
  • Spending Consciously
  • Earning
  • Saving
  • Investing

Do you have areas with low scores?  Those are the areas that are likely blocking your money energy flow, or allowing the money to leak out through cracks in your financial system.  Pay attention to each one of those areas:  what are your behaviors and attitudes for the areas with higher rankings?  And for those with lower rankings?  Compare them and make your plan NOW for how to raise those scores!

Now add all of your ratings together and divide by 5 to get your overall Money Matters Rating.

  • If your rating is a solid 5, keep doing what you’re doing… and share your best practices with others!
  • If your rating is a 4, keep up the good work AND I challenge you to raise the bar — focus on changes needed in any area(s) that are keeping you from a 5.
  • If your rating is a 3 or below overall, take the time to revise or add specific goals that will help you change your behaviors and attitudes to be closer to “exactly where I want it to be”!

I know that for many of us, working on our relationship with money can feel overwhelming and too complicated to handle on our own… so this year, our Big Fish Yearlong Adventure will have the theme of “Maximizing Your Money” — specifically to help support your “money matters” work (read full details here).

Money CAN work with us and for us — let’s keep this Maximize Your Money challenge alive all year!