It’s mid-year 2010. 

Do you know where your intention is??

Intention is the tone we set and keep as we carry out everything we do (business, personal, or something inbetween), or simply what we want (or intend) to accomplish or complete.

Although it’s not difficult to set an intention, it is sometimes challenging to remember on our own to set an intention every day.

So in March of this year, we launched the Big Fish Twitter Party a virtual shared “intention journal” for us to each post our DAILY intention.

It’s time to re-energize that party, so this blog post is your invitation (or re-invitation) to join this intention-setting movement.   Note:  Everyone is welcome, this is not exclusive to Big Fish Nation members!

Here is how it works:  You just tweet your intention for the day, and at the end of your intention, be sure to add the hashtag  #BigFishIntention.  (See recent blog post  for more details).

Why do this??

  1. FOCUS:  Setting our intentions DAILY requires us to clarify our priorities and our focus each day, and writing them down makes them even more powerful.  Twitter is the perfect tool for this, keeping our intentions short and to-the-point.
  2. ACCOUNTABILITY:  Sharing our intentions adds accountability to each day.  A quick Twitter search on “#BigFishIntention” shows each person’s tweeted intention for the day, so others can see and support your intention.  Accountability is a strong business tool, so let’s add it to our intentions!
  3. CONNECTION:  The more we tap into our network of resources (see recent blog post), the richer our businesses can grow – literally and figuratively!  When others tweet their intentions, we get insight into what is valuable to them and their business.  This is important information for making powerful connections, and we find new people to follow on Twitter.
  4. INSPIRATION:  We all need inspiration to keep moving forward.  Sharing our daily intentions gives each of us new ideas for motivation and inspiration, and even new approaches for handling practical issues.
  5. EXPERIENCE:  Each of us who tweets an intention with the #BigFishNation hashtag is a member of the (unofficial) Daily Intention Tribe.  As I said in last week’s blog post, tribal membership and leadership need to become part of everyone’s business toolkit, and this is a perfect “practice tribe” for youDo you want to lead? Lead by example then encourage others to also post their intentions.

If you’re not using Twitter, you can still participate in any of the following ways:

  1. Join Twitter:  It’s free — just sign up at http://www.twitter.com), and you can immediately tweet today’s intention.
  2. Start your own Intention Tribe on Facebook:  Post a status update telling people your intention for the day and asking “What is yours?”  You can do this *any* day!
  3. Start your own Intention Tribe via email:  Ask people in your valued network to email their intention to each other daily.  Most of us have overflowing email IN boxes, however, so I recommend keeping this email tribe to just a few members.  Even just one other person can make a big difference in accountability!
  4. Create your own solution:  What other ways can you think of to effectively and efficiently share daily intentions?  Let us know in a comment here!

I have a challenge for each of us today:  to set today’s intention to begin or renew the practice of setting and sharing our daily intention.  I hope to see you online!