“I’ve continued to practice Big Fish methods and discovered that the most important word is BIG – thinking BIG.  My sales have doubled this year – in this economy!”
– Jo Anne Casey, Owner CT Corporate Gifts, LLC and NOLA Tee, LLC

As we start reviewing our 2010 goals and see what we have or have not accomplished, it’s always helpful to get inspiration from those women who have had a fabulous year! 

One of our Big Fish graduates, Jo Anne Casey, sent me a wonderful email a couple months ago, and she has given me permission to share her successes with all of you.  Thank you Jo Anne!

Jo Anne has been an entrepreneur for 10 years, and currently owns two companies:  CT Corporate Gifts, LLC and NOLA Tee, LLC (imprinted apparel). 

She operates both businesses with the help of several part-time people as needed, explaining that “I have really good friends.”   (Side note: just starting to hire employees?  Consider part-timers on an as-needed basis to help you get used to being an employer!).

Jo Anne came to the Big Fish Nation program because she had seen how this program helped a friend of hers.  It “made a huge impact on her  bottom line, but more importantly, she became a happier person and didn’t seem to sweat the small stuff.” 

I’ll let Jo Anne say the rest in her own words:

I’ve continued to practice Big Fish methods and discovered that the most important word is BIG – thinking BIG.  I keep reminding myself almost every day to think bigger in terms of the tee shirt business I’ve started (thanks to Shannon Smith for that boost to movement).  While I do make my task list and get those things done, it’s just a small piece and I look at it as something to get out of the way so that I can think about the bigger picture. 

I usually say to myself, “how would the Jacobs brothers (Life is Good®  owners) handle this?” – and it automatically changes my thinking. 

I have also hired someone to do the things I don’t want to do or don’t have time to do.


  • I have my designs in 14 retail outlets in the area and growing
  • I’m not just selling tee shirts, I’m selling a message
  • I’ve expanded and sell shirts, tote bags, dish towels, aprons and I’m in talks with a high end jeweler to start NOLA girl jewelry line and working on NOLA girl wine glasses.
  • Because we donate money to several charities on almost all products, each product comes with a hang tag telling the buyer where a portion of the proceeds go.
  • In addition to the NOLA girl, I have NOLA dogs, NOLA graffiti and 3 coastal designs, one of which has been on the local news, CNN and mentioned in one of the New York daily newspapers.  And I have six new (global) environmental designs with a social message.  Thow have been printed and are being sold, and we are getting great feedback on them.
  • I’ve done more travel this past year than probably any other year in my life.  I went to France, Hawaii and to CT twice, plus and a couple of smaller trips to Florida and Texas. 

 Bottom Line Impact?

My overall sales for both shirts and corporate gifts have more than doubled this year from last.

What three things did you get out of the Big Fish program? 

  1. Encouragement and courage
  2. A more focused approach
  3. Confidence and a better bottom line

While I may have been able to do this without Big Fish, I think it would have taken me MUCH longer to figure it out!  Big Fish has helped me professionally and personally.  I continually step outside of my comfort zone now to move to the next level. 

What started out as a hobby, with the help and encouragement of my fellow Big Fish, became a part time business and next year I plan to take my products to a National Show.

I am so full of gratitude for being part of Big Fish! 

To learn more about Jo Anne’s companies and products, visit:

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