March is an interesting month.


For many of you (especially if you live in a non-tropical location), it is the month that one day has you believing spring will actually arrive and the next day fearing that winter will never leave. It’s the month that tempts us to either look behind or ahead, but not pay as much attention to NOW.

This March I want to make sure I put the effort into making March matter, and I hope you will do the same. I love putting my tasks in sets of 3, so here are 3 ways we call can make March matter:
  1. Be intentional: think about not just what you want to accomplish each day, but how you want to be while you’re doing your tasks.  Pay attention to your “way of being” and if it’s not what you want, remember that you can choose to change your attitude or perspective.
  2. Stay connected: Relationships (business, personal, or somewhere inbetween) provide meaning to our lives and our businesses.  Make sure to reach out to your friends and colleagues.  When you let them know they matter, it will help make your entire month matter!
  3. Keep growing, stretching and reaching: This is a perfect time to step out of any growth ruts you might be in.  Take a fresh look at your goals:  are they exciting? Do they make you want to step outside your comfort zone?  If not, it’s time for a re-write!   Set goals that matter TO YOU and it will bring meaning and accomplishment to your whole month!
I’m working on all three of those points with Big Fish Nation. We have set up our new private community on Facebook, and I’m so excited to see that we are already renewing our connections there!   Our Starfish group is also using Facebook to report out to each other (and me) on Bold Actions and new Daily Habits they each set during the February retreat, and to keep each other stretching.
If you are not currently (or haven’t been) in a Big Fish program, you can still connect with us on the Big Fish Nation public Facebook page:  ask questions, share your thoughts.

How will YOU make March matter??

(p.s.  Check back here next week for the start of our March Business Challenge!)