When evil wins.

We feel small, defeated and we lose a sense of the magic in the world.

Please, only allow that momentarily.

Know that you are the light.

Know that your actions mattered.

Your actions may not have produced the results you wanted in that time.

But you stood up for what was good for the world.  Good for the children.

Give yourself space to mourn.

Be in the darkness.

Be disgusted by it.

Then be with it.

Be with the evil.  Watch it.

It will grow, it will puff its great dark ego.

For a while.

We are not in charge of for how long.

But we are in charge of for how long we will choose to be defeated by it.

We will choose how long we feel smaller from it.


At some point, it up to us to find our strength.

How do we do this in the face of evil?

We do it.

We take amazing care of selves because we matter in the world.

Good matters in the world.  Light matters in the world.  You matter in the world.

We take care of ourselves better than we ever have.

We build our strength.

We focus on what we can do not what we can’t do.

And we do it.

We do it extraordinarily!

We do it consistently.  We live it!  It becomes our way of being.


The trick, never ever ever,

Let evil change you.

Don’t let it beat you, don’t let it have you become it.

Because it easily can.

Stay true to your values.

Have your behavior always match your values

Have your words always match your values.

Evil actually has us become stronger and more authentic and honest within ourselves

If we allow it.


At some point, that light grows bigger than the evil.

I promise.

Good will prevail.  Trust that.

You will prevail.

Life is a circle.  A magic circle.

Your commitment is to yourself and good and light in world.

Never ever give up that fight.

Because you are a love warrior.




By Lorin Beller