Out for a walk this morning, I was thinking about all the amazing people I have had the opportunity to be a part of their life and business the past 12+ years… and as I think about each and every amazing success story, I realize the gift it is to be a part of the amazing process of supporting people to create miracles.


How have they done it?

The answer is simple.  A deep core unfaltering belief combined with amazing determination and aligned action consistently.  Sounds simple but those that have experienced it know the hard truth.  It’s not.

I have seen miracles happen over and over and over.  Some happen in a day, some happen in phone call, some happen over a decade.  But each and every one, a miracle.

  • One had her life fall apart then bounced back and stood firmly in her cowgirl boots and created an extraordinary life.
  • One built a 13 million dollar business and grew up a kid with not much.
  • One had an accident that should have killed her but a tree saved their life so she can travel the world and continue to do the good things she does for African classrooms.
  • One got an amazing gig and that helped change inner city children’s perspective on plants and our food we eat.
  • One wrote a book and sold thousands.
  • One got noticed by Oprah.
  • One kept her businesses afloat when they lost there biggest client and hung in drumming up more business after being knocked down by it.
  • One took over a 3rd generation company from her granddaddy and build it even bigger.
  • One got the biggest gig of her life and that opened the flood gates.
  • One was 7 and had a vision, now 57 and has one of the larger companies in his industry.
  • Another took over her fathers business and kept it going in-spite of major industry changes and continues to keep the faith and work the plan.
  • Some adopt babies and struggle in the process yet find a way to give back to the world and create a business model that works among the challenges.
  • Some find quiet peace and joy in their own home every day.  

I can go on and on and on…. miracle after miracle.  A gift… thank you.


What I know is that every one of us struggles at some time in our lives and we rarely talk about it with anyone.  But when we do, it is in that opening where the seed for the miracle is planted.

If you are looking to create more miracles and you are ready to understand better how to merge the two:  solid belief with aligned action contact me… let’s talk.

Miracles happen every day.