With Halloween just around the corner, I thought this would be a good time to talk about facing our fears!

This month’s Business Challenge is “Do the Hard Thing First” and if you have been practicing that approach, you probably have noticed that doing the hard thing first does not usually come naturally.  Why is that?  What is it that makes certain tasks or activities hard for us?  

Many times the thing that gets in our way of forward progress is FEAR. We tend to avoid what we are afraid of, so those scary things can hold us back for quite some time… unless we really commit to doing the hard thing first!

I love the example of how we face our fears around Halloween;  many people actually go searching for ways to be frightened, and the scarier the better because of the adrenaline rush!  People might come out of “effective” haunted houses sweating and shaking … but they are usually also laughing, and say “That was AWESOME, let’s do another one!”

That’s how it is when we look fear in the face and just DO the scary thing(s) in our lives and businesses.  We come out feeling relieved, accomplished, and ready to do the next scary thing!  Instead of feeling bad for avoiding the tough tasks, we feel great about ourselves for getting the hard things done and it becomes easier to do the NEXT scary thing.

What tasks are waiting for you in your “haunted house” this week?  It’s the season to GO IN THERE And look fear in the face… so you can come back out and say “Let’s do another one!”