Like others of you, I enjoyed and appreciated last week’s blog post on goals, written by our regular guest-blogger Starla J. King.  We all need those reminders (or as Beth said in her comment, “a kick in the rear”) to review and reset our goals!

It is also absolutely necessary to be clear about our vision and that it too is up to date.  Without a clear vision, our goals can quickly become overwhelming out-of- control To Do lists.

From Entrepreneur to Big Fish by Lorin Beller BlakeThe second principle of my 7 Principles to Wild Success is Live each day from your vision.  

We often think of a vision as something that is only useful for the future, not for today, but a vision is actually about this moment  It is about today and how we choose to live today! Today turns into tomorrow.  Tomorrow is our future.  

Therefore, it is critical that we live today in a way that will enable us to make tomorrow’s vision a reality.

When was the last time you read your vision story?   Do you have a vision story?  If you need help creating your vision (it’s not too late!) read my earlier blog post about creating a clear vision

Another great way to get (and stay) clear on your vision is to create a collage of your vision.  This is a fun way to get an emotional and practical read on what you are drawn to, what you want (aka, your vision!) . 

Go through magazines and cut out pictures representing:

  • things you want to do (travel, projects, accomplishments, adventures, etc)
  • things you want to have
  • the number of clients you want, or number of products you want to sell
  • the number of employees you want
  • where you want to be living
  • etc.

photo by Tory Johnson

Then put these pictures together on a poster board and hang it where you can see it every day.

If you already have a vision collage, take some time this week to update it – add some more photos and remove any that no longer speak to you or carry excitement for you. 

As you review your goals, (see last weeks blog post),  keep looking at your vision collage.  Does each goal actually get you closer to your vision?  If so, fantastic!  If not, consider changing or removing that goal.  Working towards goals that do not further your vision is wasted effort!

Each day, then, we need to ask ourselves, “Is what I am doing today, this moment, moving me toward my vision?” 

Let us know what you do to help you live each day from your vision!