Starfish Retreats


Me in a hot air balloon with my Starfish December 2011 compadres

One of my very favorite things to do is host a Starfish Retreat.

My retreats always all include 6 basic elements:

  1. Outdoor adventure/experiences
  2. Healthy Food
  3. Personal and Professional growth & development and forward momentum
  4. Connection, real deep honest connection
  5. Decadence sprinkled in
  6. Limited to a small number of amazing people!

Every retreat is unique.  No two can ever be the same or be duplicated.  The people change, the theme of the retreat varies, time of year varies. No matter how many you attend, it is always a new and exciting experience.

But one thing is always the same = Amazing, productive and life changing experiences every single time.

NOTE:  The video below is from our Preview Women Leaders events.

Testimonials live from an event:

Lorin talking at a Starfish Retreat (at the end of a power packed 2.5 days which is why I look like I look!).