You know that book you keep saying you are going to write?   It’s time to just WRITE IT! 

At Big Fish Nation, we are gearing up for our book launch party extravaganza, so this is the perfect time for YOU to get excited about YOUR OWN book launch party a year from now.  Picture how excited you will be to announce your brand new book, and the impact it will make to share your words with the world!

Of course that means you need to have your book written and ready to sell within the next year.  That might sound impossible, but I can tell you it IS possible — I wrote my first book, From Entrepreneur to Big Fish in 6 weekends!

One of the most difficult things about writing a book is getting started, because it is so easy to come up with excuses:  “I don’t have enough time” or  “I can’t be sure my book will be a bestseller so I don’t want to try” or “Writing a book is just an unrealistic dream.”   I encourage you to decide TODAY that you are done with those excuses and ready to write that book!

Once you get started, the next challenge is to keep writing, to stick with the project all the way to the end without letting those excuses slip back in and derail you.

What if you had advice from a bestselling author, along with the support of a small group of women entrepreneurs who are also writing a book… and a coach to help keep you on track and moving steadily forward on this project for ONE FULL YEAR?   That is what I’m offering with the upcoming Big Fish Yearlong Adventure: “So You Want to Write A Book?” — see more details here.  The group is filling up quickly!  If you have interest in discussing it, email me!

We women entrepreneurs have so much wisdom to share — let’s help each other do what it takes to get those books written.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your own book launch party a year from now???