Post by guest-blogger Starla J. King, Big Fish 2009-2010

Whoa, something’s different here!  <looking around … clicking links … breathing the invigorating fresh website airOoh, NICE!!  

(Note: Lorin did not tell me to write this.  Her work has impacted me, so I’m sharing it.  Honestly.  End of story.)

If you know Lorin (Beller Blake, Chief Big Fish Adventurist), you’re probably not surprised to see a total “kick up the energy” business website makeover at a time when many of us are starting to wind down for the year.   Oh, and it’s not just the surface stuff of the website that’s kicked up; it goes all the way through to the chewy sweet center with a delicious new set of Big Fish Nation programs…   Adventures, Biz Jams, Mt. Everest sort of experiences.

And here I am, thinking I’m *all that* because I added tabs (colored ones!) to my work notebook.  Isn’t that a big enough goal for November??  

Ok yes, I’m kidding. 


I’m a fall and winter nester.  Give me VA’s cold weather and leafless trees, and I blissfully melt into introspection and slow-it-all-down mode.  Edgy business goals slip into …well…getting colored tabs on notebooks.  

Here’s the thing about uber-competent colleagues like Lorin and other Big Fish: they show us that end of year doesn’t have to be the time when we stop moving forward.  It can instead be the time when we add colored tabs to our notebooks AND rework our service offerings for the next year (or re-caulk and put new cedar shake shingles on our website…).  

I’m not planning to ditch my fleece snuggle blankie and burn myself out with an end-of-year accomplishment frenzy, but I am inspired to keep moving forward.   When December holidays arrive, I want the satisfaction of ending the year with my business in great shape for 2011.

So how to end the year in a GREAT place??   Acronymn time:

  1. Goals:   Set them, reach them, celebrate them.
  2. Routine:  Change = energy, so tweak your daily business routine for a re-charge.
  3. Environment:  Get Out.  Out of your head.  Outside.  Out of your comfort zone.  Just Out.
  4. Affirmations:  Champion yourself.  Champion your biz.  Champion your colleagues.
  5. Treats: For you. For others. For everyone. Work deserves rewards.

 Why settle for good enough when GREAT can change the world???

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