As women entrepreneurs, we spend a lot of time and energy on our business and personal growth.

We do a great job of adding on responsibilities and pushing ourselves to the next level, but we tend to overlook the fact that growth is a form of change that also has some very difficult parts to it. 

We all keep some layers of protection around us.  We need those layers to help us feel safe as we experiment with new ways of doing things, and new ways of being in our world… but to grow in significant ways, we need to be willing to remove those protective layers.

Someone recently used the example of lobsters [see post here].  They outgrow their shells several times a year, and because their bodies are so vulnerable without a shell, they bury themselves in the mud until their new shell grows to protect them again.  While I don’t think we need to bury ourselves in the mud, I do think we need to acknowledge how scary and uncertain we can feel as we go through each “growth spurt” …and pay more attention to our self care during those times especially.

I also think of it like removing the layers of an onion.  The dried up layers on the outside are just there to protect the inside of the onion, but to get to the best, most useful part of the onion, you need to remove those outer layers — and it can easily make you cry.   I could choose not to cook with onions because I don’t want to cry, but so many meals taste better with onion in them!

In the same way, we can choose not to go through the pain of growth and keep all the old layers (relationships that no longer serve those involved, processes that are no longer effective, beliefs that hold us back, etc), but in doing so, we are hiding our greatest and deepest potential.

What layer are you ready to remove?

What steps can you take THIS WEEK to start removing that layer?

What will you do to protect yourself while your new strength rebuilds?

I would love to help you explore this topic individually or with your team.  Post a comment below, or feel free to email me to see how Big Fish Nation and I can best support you!