As someone that supports people in setting and achieving goals, I will be the first to say I like my iWatch, and cute boots and new jeans and to go to fun and new places and and and….  And I know that I really don’t NEED any of it.  In this wonderful country we live in, we truly get so caught up in what we WANT that I think we forget about what we really NEED.  The lines get blurred when we begin to compare ourselves to our neighbors and people in our community.

The more we compare ourselves to others – the more we make up that we need certain things to be happy.  And even worse, our children learn from us how jump from one shiny new object to the next searching for happy in the jump.

So in order to keep up, we need to make more, we have more and more expenses and the run on the hamster wheel continues day after day and we wonder why were are not happy.

Step Off!  Step off that wheel.  Stop wanting what the Jones have and realize that that chase, has you miss the good stuff!  This moment and all the richness that lives in it.  Breathe, notice the person sitting across from you, enjoy the moment and breathe again.  You have all that you need right now.  Your impact that you can have right now is worth so much more than the things we acquire and chase in this world.  And by living fully in the present moment, our children learn to do the same.  It is important work to stop the wanting what the Jones do and be content with what is.