Whenever we compare ourselves to others and then feel lesser than in anyway, we just poisoned ourselves.  It is like swallowing a toxin, a poison, a drug that diminishes how you feel about yourself.

And the crazy thing, is we are teaching our kids to compare themselves to their peers at the earliest of ages.  If you do not think that our kids notice when we compare them to others – they do.  And then they learn to do the same.

Have you ever had your child ask:  Do we have as much money as other people?  Or have you ever asked how others did on their tests in school in comparison to your child?  Have you ever been to an event and wondered if you belonged because the others seemed to have something you didn’t like more money?  Do you go to an event and notice the clothes that people are wearing?  Or notice the cars in a parking lot compared to yours?  Every single time you do that and you feel lesser than because of it – you just knocked yourself down a few pegs.  You make yourself only have value if you  fit in or are as good as those you are around.

We spend so much of our time trying to keep up with the Jones these days.  What if we were enough just as we are!?  You have a roof over your head, you have food in your fridge, you are surrounded by people that you love and who love you.  You have dreams and goals of what you want to do with your one wild and precious life…. this is enough.  You are enough.  Stop. Pause.  Breathe.

Our dogs – do.  They love life – just as it is.  What if you did too AND you could have goals and dreams too?  What if you are amazing just the way you are?  What if you bring your perfectly amazing self to every situation – because you can.

Comparing and feeling badly about ourselves is an evil poison that gets us in trouble every single time we do it.  And we have the ability to stop that bad and unhealthy, sabotaging habit.  Now.




Live in awe my friend.  Because awe surrounds you right now. Don’t miss it!