Have you been to the Big Fish Twitter Party yet?

This online 24×7 positive energy intention party has been going on since the beginning of March and has been the focus of my blog posts this month.   (Note:  everyone is welcome, this is not exclusive to Big Fish Nationmembers – spread the word!).

We have been posting our intentions online for almost a month now, and it has been so interesting and inspiring to see each of your intentions thank you all for being part of this Big Fish Twitter Party!

Setting daily intentions is an important business tool.  I hope that you have found this Big Fish Twitter Party as helpful as I have in reminding me to make a regular habit of setting intentions.  I have added “tweet my intention” to my DBR (Daily Business Routine) each morning, and love starting my day with a clarity of intention and the shared energy of all of you tweeting your intentions!

If you aren’t yet in the habit of setting a daily intention, why not start today?  You can even start out with a weekly intention, making it part of your WBR (Weekly Business Ritual) instead.  What do you want to accomplish this week?  And how do you want to BE as you accomplish it?

Setting your daily or weekly intention is not just a feel good activity (although that’s part of it!) – it is a business tool that helps you plan and focus your energy and attention.  Then the Big Fish Twitter Party gives you a place to share that to give it even more power!

Here’s a great example:

One day last week, @bocabeth tweeted #BigFishIntention  My intention for today is to take one big risk in my business. Something I have put off for a long while due to fear.”

The next day, she tweeted “ I did it! Sent @Target my three revised options for Boca Beth fun bilingual product placement in their stores. My #BigFishIntention met :)”

Thank you, @bocabeth for sharing your intention and the resulting success!

If you’re still unsure of what an intention might be, here are other examples from the Big Fish Twitter Party:

  • Today’s intention: To turn one currently unhappy client into a happy client in just one day! (thank you @rachaelbender)
  • Today’s intention, low key morning watching it snow and catching up on some work for the week ahead. #BigFishIntention (thank you @GailBenmosche)
  • Today’s intention: To breathe in the open spaces, AND be efficient in my work spaces.#BigFishIntention(Thank you @ShannoNYC)
  • My #bigfishintention for today is to enjoy the ride with the kiddies! Jumps & terrain park here we come! (thank you @ContentNotes)
  • Today’s Intention: learning to dance in the storm, realizing it’s not going to pass any time soon! 🙂 #BigFishIntention (thank you @SolTecElec).

When March ends, let’s keep the intention party going (details here), and keep inviting others to tweet their intentions daily with hashtag #BigFishIntention.  See you online!