Many think I only coach women entrepreneurs, but that is not true.  I have coached many male leaders over the years… but one, I have coached for almost 10 years consistently.  I have to say, he has been an inspiration to me!  So much so, I want to share a bit about him:

This particular client, who I will not reveal in anyway, is most amazing!  I want to share five of his greatest characteristics that I believe have helped him build his success:

1.  He has grown his company from 3.5 million to 12.5 million this year and he has done this over the past 10 years. How?  He is very focused and calculates his monthly growth to get to his annual goal. He has a plan every year and he works that plan diligently.  He is not afraid to take risks.  But they are well thought out.  He works his plan every single day.  He does not allow himself to lose site of the goal each day.  But he enjoys every minute.

2.  He creates heartfelt challenges for his team.  He challenges them to share their greatest sales stories each month and the one with the best story, gets $500 cash.  If it is a tie, that money roles over to the next month; It becomes a big deal to win each month as you can imagine. He keeps his team focused on 2 things: growth and keeping customers happy and in the forfront.

3.  He gives and gives back again to the community.  His family purchases thousands of dollars worth of toys each year for Toys-for-Tots, and his adult sons, don’t miss that annual experience just like it was a family Thanksgiving dinner.  He gives and gives more authentically and genuinely from his heart.

4.  He has a goal every day to, inspire someone to do better and stretch to make the world better off then it was before he came along. It maybe a cashier, it maybe an employee having a tough day, every day is different, but his goal is to use himself to make someone else have a better day.

5.  Finally, he works on himself, every day.  He has personal goals and every consistently he works on those goals….. he is not afraid to ask for help.  Boldly and directly.  Every year his personal goals vary, it may be around his health habits, it maybe around his golf game, whatever it is, he challenges himself to grow.

Here is what he says are the top 3 things he has gotten from working with a coach (me!) the past 10 years:

1) “Focus!  My monthly sessions have been essential in developing my ability to focus on both deeply personal goals and the short / long term goals my business.”

2) “Objective advise in day to day people management.  Over the years I have been amazed at Lorin’s ability to make subtle suggestions that have impacted (significantly) my ability to motivate people to perform at their best.”
3) “I enjoy the easy movement between personal and business related coaching.”



It is truly a gift to get to work with him.  Our world is better because of his commitment to himself each day.  It is an honor to watch him each year, month after month, utilize me as his coach and support him in his growth in every aspect of his life.