I am a big believer in organization giving me an energy boost to accomplish big clean bold work just as Mary Pankiewicz, Owner of Clutter Free & Organized says in her blog!

And on the opposite end, I also believe that a mess sucks up our energy. Just as unfinished tasks that we set out to do and do not get accomplished and are hanging over our head suck up our energy.

Yet when we accomplish a big bold task, we get jazzed and do more!  So what cycle are you on today?

My desk this morning

I just invested in a new MAC Book Pro, 15inch!  I am a PC user and switching over, and spent a chunk of time since getting my MAC on organizing my ‘Big Mother To Do list!’ (no trademark needed! 🙂 ) I feel so empowered.  The stuff is getting done, and checked off and prioritized better than ever!  I feel in charge, details are being held better.

I always have a process that is what are my top 3 things I am tackling today list…. And that list is pulled from the ‘Big Mother To Do list’ that is always running.

Just this past week a Big Fish (someone that is a part of our various programs for Women Business Owners www.bigfishnation.com) said to me, ‘just once I would like to feel like the list is complete.’ My response to her was, ‘that is on your deathbed!  My hope is we all feel that sense of completion then and at the end of every day.  Because at the end of every day, we can only accomplish so much so we have a choice to feel either behind of complete for the day.’

If you are feeling overwhelmed and as though you are not getting enough accomplished I highly recommend that you do the Big Fish 3 Step!

  1. Identify 3 things tonight that you WILL get accomplished tomorrow.  In other words, before you leave work today, identify the 3 things that you are committing to complete tomorrow.  Be realistic!
  2. At the beginning of the day focus on JUST THOSE 3 things!  Get them complete before you open mail, check your voice mail, facebook, twitter, etc.
  3. REPEAT for today and again tomorrow!

You see, when you set out to do something that does not get accomplished you feel deflated, defeated and lower your confidence.  So it is time to change that cycle.  GO BOLD AND BE BOLD!

My desk after a much needed clean up today, which is more empowering?

Mary P. aren’t you proud?  Mary is a Big Fish in one of the Big Fish programs.  She is a very successful professional organizer taking her business to new heights!  See more about her business at http://www.clutterfree.biz/.

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