Me:  Hi ‘Client’…. How are you?

Client:  I’ve been better, I fell off a cliff…..

Me:  What????

Client:  I fell off a cliff……

Canyon Tree

Yes, this was a real conversation I had recently with my client, who shall remain nameless.  I have worked with this amazing woman for years.  And she continues to leave me in awe over and over again.


She is pioneer.  A woman that was one of the first women to work in her industry 35+ years ago.  She led the way for other women in her industry.  She receives awards year after year for being a major producer in her industry.  She makes a lot of money, millions.


She was a single mom years ago, now her children are adults and she is a grandmother.  Her relationships with her family are the thing that are most dear to her heart.


She is extremely generous with both her time and her money in the world and still has this urge to ‘do more’… an opportunity to be sure, thanks to the tree.


You see, when she fell off the cliff, literally, she was on hike with a corporate group, a tree caught her.   The tree saved her life.  Search and rescue had to come in and get her out of the tree.  I asked her today what gifts came from ‘the fall.’  She quickly without pause said:


–       The tree was a gift, it was dormant, leafless, it was burned but strong.  It literally held me til the helicopter came.

–       My body is a gift.  I am very fit, it was nimble and I could have been much more hurt but I wasn’t.

–       In a strange way, it was another adventure, falling off that cliff.  Adventures are always gifts.

–       Ever since the fall, I am more in the present than I ever have been.  I have not been worried about the future.  I just am.

–       The response from my family and friends has been a gift – I realize I have such a huge amount of support around me.  They sent me flowers that say “Get Well Dummy!”  – my network is a gift (I’d say their sense of humor is too!)



I went on to ask her, what gifts have come from this fall that will be yours forever… she said:


–       My Faith – more than ever, I know that things will work out, always.

–       My relationship with my family is stronger than ever, I am grateful for that.

–       My new calm.  For some reason, I worry less.  That is a gift.


I often ask myself what makes people successful, this woman is living proof of what makes people successful.  Some of us would fall off a cliff and become a victim… others fall off a cliff and find the gifts.  What will you find next time you fall off a cliff??

Love you, friend….. I am so grateful for that tree too…. Can’t wait to hear it’s whispers…. I think the ‘fall off the cliff’ is an adventure that is just beginning.