Life gets crazy sometimes.

Especially as entrepreneurs, we love to take on new projects, re-invent old projects (including ourselves!), and get tied up in all kinds of different things.  It can quickly go from being the energy of life to the insanity of life!

The good news is that even in the middle of life’s craziest times, we still have a choice:  we can choose to see only the insanity, or we can choose to see the MAGIC.

There’s something about the overwhelming times in life that can make us more aware of the magic that’s always there … maybe because there is a stark difference in the energy of the insanity verses the magical moments or good news or positive things in our lives at those times, so we are looking harder for the magic.  The serendipitous things that happen seem to mean more when we need them to, and when something goes right when most things feel like they’re going wrong, it can seem like a miracle.

The contrast of those small gifts of magic in the middle of life’s insanities makes the magic really stand out.

It reminds me of how when things in life get so ridiculously off plan… we might first cry, and then when it gets even more crazy, we stop crying and just shake our heads and say, “well…what else can you do but laugh??”

Well, I normally do not love commercials, but this one made me laugh out loud and I think it’s appropriate here.   Here’s how we can choose to react when we see insanity coming our way — shut the front door and look for the magic!!

Face it, life will always have crazy times, so let’s use those times to find the laughter and the magic! 🙂