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If you hear a voice within you saying, ‘You are not a painter,’ then by all means paint… and that voice will be silenced.” Vincent Van Gogh.

Here’s the really important thing about Bold Actions.  They’re not just there to scare us (although they might do that too!) – they’re there to motivate us to accomplish something important.  

This “Bold Action” concept is a core theme of each of the Big Fish programs, and when combined with clear Intention(s),  there’s no telling what can be accomplished!

It just so happens I have a real-life example for you – Lorin asked me to blog about it, so if you’re inspired by it, thank Lorin.  🙂

A few weeks ago, at the end of our Big Fish Mastery call, we each stated our Bold Action – that “gotta get it done” thing we would accomplish by our next meeting.  Mine was “get 1 new writing client.”  Maybe not such a stretch unless you consider that my writing business is fairly new, and 2 weeks isn’t a long time to target, court, and sign a contract with that new client.  

So, as I do more often than I like to admit, I put that bold action aside for over a week…leaving myself only ONE week now to get this new writing client.   (FYI, I don’t recommend that part!).  

I considered blowing off the goal as unreachable and unreasonable, but something kept me from doing that.  You see, I had already stated my intention out loud to the other Big Fish.  By doing so, I had made myself officially accountable to them.   I simply wasn’t willing to show up on that call the next week and report a non-action.

I had to do something and do something quick!   It became crystal clear to me that my absolute top priority needed to be “Get 1 new writing client.”  Any action I had on my To Do list had to make it through rigorous questioning in order to get any priority above that “Get 1 new client.”  Update my website?  Not today.   I’ve gotta get a new client.  Create that plan for the whoosiewatchitt thingie?  Not today.  I’ve gotta get a new client.

My "action-making" studio

When I stopped to FOCUS on my Bold Action of getting 1 new client, I remembered that a while back I had told a friend I would send her my editing/writing coaching rates.   Normally I would have sent her a quick email outlining those rates, but I didn’t have time to dawdle.  Remember, I had to get a new client within days!   Long story short, I created and emailed her a formal proposal and  3 hours later I had a signed contract for coaching my new client through writing her memoirs, and editing the whole book.  Just like that.  

So what made the difference??

  • Stating a BOLD ACTION, out loud, to others for ACCOUNTABILITY.
  • Setting my INTENTION to match that BOLD ACTION.
  • Having a clear TIMELINE.
  • Setting a clear FOCUS.
  • Taking ACTION.

There’s a little more of the story here, though.  When Lorin asked me how I got that new client, I realized I have actually spent the last year or so preparing for this new client, as follows (steps are numbered  because each one eventually led to the next):

  1.  Early 2009, I wrote in my 10-year Vision Story: “I am well known to large audiences and respected by many as the ‘go to writer’ for their soul-projects.”  
  2. Early 2009, I committed to my life/biz coach (Nancy Duncan) that I would publish one blog post per week for at least the rest of the year.  (ACCOUNTABILITY … remember?)
  3. Late 2009, in response to one of those blog posts, someone I didn’t know posted a profound, beautiful, thought-provoking comment – so much so, that I immediately sent her a personal email in response.  I hadn’t done that before, and I haven’t done that since.
  4. Late 2009, that email became the beginning of an ongoing email exchange which built the trust for this person to eventually tell me her dream of writing her memoirs. 
  5. Middle 2010, she sent me a sample “story” and I loved it.  We talked briefly about a possible writing collaboration for the memoirs.
  6. Middle 2010 No further “progress” toward a formalized agreement until….
  7. BOLD ACTION stated, “get 1 new writing client” … and you know the rest.

My point here?   Bold Action plus Intention will help you accomplish great things.  And Bold Action plus Intention plus VISION = magic.  

What future magic are you setting the foundation for this week??  Post a comment below to let us know…  Or is this the week you put it all together to create that next success NOW?? 

Speaking of which, Lorin tells me that a new Big Fish group is starting very soon….. if you have been thinking about it, NOW is a perfect time to dive in and be a big fish!  Click here to email Lorin today.  

post by guest-blogger Starla J. King, Big Fish 2009-10
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