One of the greatest gifts of this year for me has been learning in a whole new way to receive.

If you are someone (like many of us!) who finds it more natural to give than to receive, I get it!  It’s easy to feel guilty when we receive generous gifts of time, attention, and all kinds of support … but that doesn’t help anyone, does it?

We can choose to get stressed out by comparing our giving to someone else’s, or to be energized and inspired by simply receiving the gift with gratitude and appreciation.

Think about how wonderful it felt the last time you gave from your heart and your gift was received with gratitude and appreciation — that’s the feeling your receiving can give in return for the gifts you have been given!

This giving/receiving circle is what makes this time of year so magical, and we can have that magic at ANY time of year.

The way we receive is its own gift to the giver.  How strong is your receiving?

Happy giving AND receiving days