All change begins with awareness, and improving your self-care is no exception.


It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the busy-ness of each day that we just don’t pay attention to our own needs, and our self care goes to the bottom of our endless “To Do” lists.

Paying attention is such a simple thing to do, but I can tell you it sure is not easy!  It took me the past few months of divorce stress, not sleeping well, and losing too much weight to finally start paying attention to the fact that I was seriously neglecting my self care.  I have a master’s degree in Health Education, and I still lost track of my own self care habits!

When I finally stopped to notice my new unhealthy habits, I realized just how much I had let go of my healthy habits, and it got me totally fired up to make major changes in my self care and other areas of my life!

It shouldn’t take a divorce to wake us up to the habits we need to change.  Start paying attention TODAY, and looking at your habits.  Which ones help you rise up?  Which ones bring you down?  Which ones no longer serve you well and need to be changed??

It can be scary to finally look at the areas in your life you might be neglecting, but it is absolutely SO worth that risk!

For me, even though I’m still working to bring back the healthy habits I need, I started feeling better right away on that first day that I let myself see the habits that were bringing me down…because I could face them and DO something about them instead of just having to avoid them.


I hope you will join me in my 90-day Radical Self Care Challenge (launches April 2), because we will work on PAYING ATTENTION and being CONSCIOUS of our behaviors and thoughts.  You will have group support, and you can also sign up for 1-1 Coaching during the program to help you deepen your learning and integration.

If you want to know more about the Radical Self Care Challenge, register now for this no-charge teleclass I’m leading on Thursday (March 29).  I will also share some ways you can jump start your self care program right away. (Get more details here.)

Are you happy with your level of self care?  

What habits are you proud of, and which ones do you want to change?