Last week I wrote about what we can learn from watching the Olympics, and one of those things was to celebrate our victories.  As entrepreneurs, we do a great job of working hard and accomplishing a lot… but we often are not so great at CELEBRATING those accomplishments.


It’s easy to think we just don’t have time to stop and celebrate, or that it’s not important because we have more work to do and the next goal to reach.  That’s one thing I love about the Olympics — they make the celebration of each “win” an important part of the event.  We can certainly learn from that example.

This week, let’s celebrate our accomplishments by answering “the gold medal question”:

If you were on an Olympic podium for winning a gold medal in your business, what would it be for?

Financial results?  Your leadership?  Reaching sales goals?  Inspiring those you work with?  Hiring more employees?  Teaching others?  The volume of work you can finish each day?  Your global impact?  Or something else?

And is it an individual medal or a team medal (both are important)?

Share your answers with us in a comment below or on Facebook, and let us celebrate your gold medal with you!

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