Believe it or not, the truth is that I was INCREDIBLY shy as a kid.

At age 12, my father told me that he and Mom were no longer going to order the grain for our 5 horses — it was going to be my job and from that point forward, so I would be the one to  place the phone calls to order the food that we needed for them.  I was mortified!  I sobbed hysterically… I just KNEW the horses were going to die, because I was too afraid to pick up the phone and order what we needed to feed them.  But something in me must have known it would be worse to let the horses die than to make those phone calls so I forced myself to do the task each time … and the horses did not die (from our lack of having food to feed them).

That story told, many have been asking me how I got the 20+ ‘rock star’ type women entrepreneurs to allow me to intervew them for my new book, or someone like Marci Shimoff to write the Forward to my new book SPLASH!

I’m going to tell you about about that story.  I have actually never met Marci, and we do not run in the same circles (yet!).  However I had the great opportunity to be a part of a radio show with Kathryn Zox, and Kathryn interviewed Marci one early Wednesday morning just after her book, Happy for No Reason  had come out (Marci was ‘on tour’).

I loved what Marci spoke of on that show!  To me, she was a ‘rock star’ as she was one of the authors for one of my favorite books, Chicken Soup For the Women’s Soul, she contributed to The Law Of Attraction (another favorite of mine),  and  I loved loved her work and her concepts in Happy For No Reason.  During the radio show break, Marci and I got chatting and I immediately felt a kindred connection with her.  We were spiritually on the same page and we both knew it.  But the truth is that was just a 1 minute conversation and I don’t think she even knew my name!

After the radio show, I sat with the idea of reaching out to her to write the forward for my book.  I listened to that inner voice of mine:  “Go for it, what do you have to lose?” is what I heard.  I went to Marci’s Happy For No Reason landing page and looked for the smallest phone number I could find on the site… that was the one I wanted!  🙂  I picked up the phone and called, … and she answered the phone!  We had a nice chat, during which I asked her if she would be willing to write the forward.

JACKPOT!  She said YES!

But why did she yes?  I believe it was because I was being 100% authentic.  I was in full integrity with her and me about what I wanted and why, I acknowledged her, I was genuine in every way, and … I ASKED.  I could have been all those things but without asking, it would not have happened.

I share this story to encourage you… if there is something that you want, let go of your fears and just ask.  If I can ask (remember, the 12 year old that was petrified to talk on the phone to a stranger?), so can you!

p.s.  THANK YOU Marci for your generosity, your words, your books (and I know there will be more) and your Forward. You are a gift to me and to the world!