Spring time is here all over the country… at different degrees depending on where we are. But the feeling is the same: fresh, green, alive, growth, possibility, and new committments. I have been thinking about what I do for renewing myself… The trees do it, flowers do it, animals do it, how do humans renew? I’d like to offer some and hear yours too!

  • Make a new committment and put time in your calendar every day that is dedicated to it to create a brand new habit and create huge impact in your life.
  • Clean up, clear the clutter. Through things away, donate, go for 100 items from your home or office. It is amazing how great it feels!
  • Plant spring flowers or herbs.
  • Get outside!!
  • Do more of what you have intended but not taken the time to do i.e.
  • Take 20 minutes of alone time with your kids, pick them up from school, have a real conversation during dinner, etc.
  • Update your website with spring cleaning too. Freshen it up~

What do you do to renew yourself in the spring?