Being an entrepreneur is not easy.  It often has us working odd hours, playing several different roles at once, taking risks (hopefully calculated ones!), and putting a lot of energy into making our business successful.

So why do we do it?  Because entrepreneurship gives us so much back!  In my recent focus on finding the strawberries, I’m reminded again of so many reasons that I’m grateful to be an entrepreneur.   I’m sharing my list here in case you could use that reminder also!

10 Things Entrepreneurship Gives Us:

  1. Flexibility in our schedule.
  2. A chance to make a profound difference in our own life, the lives around us, and even in the world.
  3. A chance to put together our own Dream Team of collaborators.
  4. The ability to change our business to stay in alignment as our lives and client needs change.
  5. A place to try out new business ideas and see if they are successful.
  6. A chance to provide jobs for other people.
  7. Continuous learning.
  8. The thrill and excitement of a challenge (lots of them!).
  9. The freedom to work in the way that’s best for you and your clients (because you’re your own boss).
  10. The satisfaction of creating something… turning an idea into reality … and making money from it!
 What else would you add to that list?  What are you most grateful for as an entrepreneur?


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