Picture this:

  • It’s launch day for your new product or service, and it is almost time for you to go live.  Potential customers are waiting “in line” (at your store, by their phones, or at their computers) to sign up with you or to buy your product because they believe it will be amazing.
  • They don’t want to miss the chance to work with you before you’re completely booked, or to buy your product before it’s sold out in the initial rush.
  • They already know that they will benefit from what you uniquely offer, and they are already looking forward to the results of working with you or buying your product.
  • Before you even launch your new product or successful it is wildly successful.

This is the power of media… and I know this is true, because it happened to me. 

Long story short — in my “previous life” (in the early 90’s), I started an internet access provider business, and without thinking a lot about it, I started building relationships with the local media by intuitively focusing on SERVING THEM.

I didn’t realize just how powerful those partnerships were until one night during a news broadcast, the anchor mentioned my company during a related news story.   In our office, we watched the dial-up modems light up as people used OUR phone number to access the internet.   It was AMAZING.  People had been WAITING for OUR phone number so they could access the internet!


As entrepreneurs, we don’t just have something to sell, we also have world-changing messages to share, and we need media help to do that.  

I want to help you get your message out there, and to see WILD SUCCESS in your business, so this year I put together a special program for you!

Big Fish Nation is partnering with enterprising Women magazine to offer the yearlong program with a brand new theme of “The Power of Media.”   Editor-in-chief Monica Smiley will lead PR strategy tele-sessions, and  enterprising Women magazine will provide coverage for your business as they follow your progress over the year!

Click here for more information on this one-time-only program (it starts March 7, enrollment limited to just 12 women) and reserve your spot today.   Give your message the chance to be heard!