Happy New Year!

A fresh new start, blank, clean slate. It reminds me of a new fallen snow… no tracks yet.  You get to make the first ones!

In the goals call we do every December, we talk about the Year Intention – that one word or phrase that will be your anchor, your north star. This is a critical business tool – it is a game changer.  The way we work is just as important as the strategy we are using.  And having the two (strategy and intention) together will change the entire year.

What is your word?

(If you are not clear on what you want your word or phrase to be, and you need a little inspiration, you can purchase our Goal Call to assist you and inspire you to set your 2011 goals —  it is not too late!)

My phrase for the year is:  Bloom Where I am Planted. In other words, no matter where I find myself, be sure that I am blooming… this intent, challenges me, it inspires me, it calls me forth to be my best self.  It does not matter what others think of your annual intention, it matters most that it speaks to you.  (I have to thank a Star Fish, LuAnn, for that phrase;  her grandmother used to say it to her. Ah, the wisdom of Grandmothers.)

(Thank you Shannon Crawford for your photo!)

So this New Year, remember, you are the designer of your life!

How do you want to design this year so that you are able to be your BEST SELF and create your BEST LIFE?! Only you know the answer to that question and if you do not know the answer to that question, it is a perfect time to check out our Big Fish annual program to help you create a more powerful business that allows you more impact in the world.  A group is forming now that will swim together in 2011.  Are you ready to swim with Big Fish? Email me today!

Today, the world is yours – make it exactly what you want it to be this year.  It is your year!

Happy New Year! The sky is the limit … go big!