It is the Friday before a long weekend. A weekend, which I used to really look forward to, because it was the ‘start of summer’ in upstate NY, but now that I have lived in Austin for almost 4 years… summer has been here for a few months. So it is just a nice long weekend. I truly enjoy the balance of work and life these days. What does it take to find that perfect balance? I believe it takes a big vision! A vision of your life that is bigger than you are which includes the world. From this perspective all aspects of our lives are important and the tone of the day is actually the MOST important thing that we have control over.
Where does that tone or culture come from? Always us! So consciously decide what the tone of your days are going to be this weekend and in the weeks ahead. Name the tone. Write it down for yourself. For example it might be ‘summer time chilling’ — or next week at work, it might be ‘relaxed and productive.‘ Getting clear and conscious about the tone that we choose to stay in, is a leadership skill. It is about not letting the world knock you off your intention for that day or that moment.
From a place with a powerful vision… each aspect of our l lives deserves honor, respect and attention and there is no room for guilt and ‘shoulds’. Go with the flow of life and enjoy the balance that life naturally creates when we let go of all the things that we ‘should’ do.
So on this Memorial Day weekend; be sure that you have a vision bigger than you are. The reason that we have a day called Memorial Day is for those that actually knew already that their lives were about something bigger than they were.
‘A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.’ ~Joseph Campbell
Happy Memorial Day weekend.