“Genuine appreciation of the good in your current situation leads to actual appreciation [increase in value] of your financial success.”(from “Great with Money” by Ellen Rogin and Melissa Burke)

In other words, our gratitude can actually impact our bottom line! 

Ellen and Melissa explain in their book that it’s all part of the The Prosperity Circle® and our genuine gratitude keeps the abundance flowing both out from us and back in to us:

“We have noticed an interesting phenomenon over the years.  Our clients who are most secure in their financial plans, the ones who have the greatest financial flexibility, all focus on what they hare grateful for and appreciate what they have in their lives.”

I’m writing this blog this week because Thanksgiving gives us each the perfect chance to practice noticing and expressing our gratitude.  As we know (from our own lives, or from all the “Thanksgivings gone wrong” movies!) it’s not always easy to be grateful in the middle of overcrowded kitchens and complicated family dynamics.  Our best selves can quickly fall apart!

That’s exactly why this is a perfect time to practice our gratitude.  It is so important for us to learn how to find things to appreciate when we really have to hunt for them, because that definitely will happen in our business lives.  The more we practice gratitude in our non-business lives, the more natural it will become to bring gratitude into the core of our business.

Here are some tool ideas to get (or keep) us going!

Gratitude Practice Tools:

  1. Thanksgiving Day:   Set an “intention of Gratitude” for the day and enjoy the discoveries!
  2. Thankful Three Thanksgiving challenge: (see last weeks blog post for details)
  3. A World of Gratitude from Oprah.com:  “Each snowflake represents a single grateful thought from people around the world.”  Read other worldwide gratitude statements (and add your own) for inspiration!

What place do you give “gratitude” in your business?  Is it a core value, or just an afterthought?     

My Business Gratitude List today:

  • Thank you Kirsten Osolind for Fox 5 San Diego media coverage of Big Fish Nation on Women Who Take Charge
  • Thank you to each and every blog reader for your time, energy, and interaction!
  • Thank you to all Big Fish Nation current members and alumni for giving me a reason to work with my heart and soul each day!