It’s week three of the Big Fish Twitter Party, an online 24×7 positive energy party about setting intentions.  (Note:  everyone is welcome, this is not exclusive to Big Fish Nation members!)

What do intentions have to do with gratitude?   Gratitude and intention are the energy circle of success. 

Here, I’ll show you what I mean:

Name 3 things you are grateful for.  Yep, right now.  I’ll wait right here while you write your 3 things down.

…   …    

So, what did you write… what are you grateful for today, right now?

  1. 10 minutes of quiet time in a crazy-busy day?
  2. a soul-cleansing rain?
  3. checking something off your To Do list?

No matter what your 3 “gratitudes” are, I suspect you just experienced a lift in your spirits and a smile sneaking in.  Yes??

You have just experienced the power of gratitude – the power to create positive energy.  And it is that energy that is so important to bringing our intentions to fruition.

Focus for a moment on that feeling of gratitude (re-read your 3 things if you need to re-invite that feeling).  It’s hopeful, right?  A little bit excited, motivated, even inspired.  Right?

Consider then if you add that feeling to setting your intentions.  You’re already feeling the results of having carried through your intention… before you’ve even done the work!  You are pre-creating results that you will be grateful for !    You are beginning to manifest your intention as soon as you set it!

Take for example my intention a few days ago (tweeted as @starlajking with the Big Fish Twitter Party hashtag #BigFishIntention):to effortlessly create 2 gorgeous garden designs for 2 clients.  

Setting the intention with gratitude, I automatically imagined the satisfaction of having completed the 2 designs.  And while working on the designs, that positive “ooh, how cool is that!” (gratitude) feeling hung around.  Alas, at the end of the day, I had only completed 1 design…AUGH!

There’s a choice here: flog myself for what I did NOT achieve, or be grateful for what I DID achieve.  You can feel the different energy just by reading each choice, can’t you?  That is what I’m talking about.

So as you start or continue to set your daily intention, step into your own circle of success by wrapping each intention in real, honest gratitude.  Then please do share your intention (and experience!) with all of us either in a comment here, or at the Big Fish Twitter Party (details here)!