gratitude is a game changerIt is November and gratitude is at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Gratitude is a game changer but not everyone can muster gratitude when we need it. I’ve been there. You’ve been there. November is rolling into December and the pressure is on to be grateful. It is as if the universe is saying, “I dare you to find gratitude as your pie burns and your guests start screaming about politics across the table at Thanksgiving”, “I dare you to find gratitude while buying cheap plastic stocking stuffers the night before Christmas.” We are summoned to be grateful at a time when it is decidedly difficult to summon gratitude. This is the most important time to remember that gratitude is a game changer.

How is Gratitude a Game Changer?

  • Helping you to get and stay present: This is powerful. It may not seem like it, but making this micro-gratitude a habit will not only transform your holidays but your life. What does this look like? It is stopping to take a deep breath in and out and looking at the world around us.  You can ALWAYS find gratitude in nature. Find gratitude for the sky, for the butterfly, for the flower. Breath in and out again. Find gratitude in your breath and the ground under your feet.
  • Making sense of the past: your world takes on different meaning when you can look back at your past hurts and pain and see them long term. You can see how things that seemed at the time to be the worst things ever turned out to be the murky swamp that grew a beautiful lotus in your world today.
  • Gratitude gives hope: Looking out into your world and finding gratitude among the flawed array of humans we surround ourselves with allows a space for possibility. Feeling grateful and feeling like we have sufficient for our needs loosens that money grasp that halts our flow of abundance.

When I feel like I want to spit. When I feel like I am the least grateful person on Earth, by choice, the first place I start is becoming present. Not only will being present allow wisdom, but being present connects the gratitude circle by actually creating more gratitude. So calendar in your moments to be present. Calendar in your moments of gratitude!