Happy November!  With Thanksgiving around the corner, I am reminded of how grateful I am for each of you — for the work you do, and the people you are.  Thank you for giving me a reason to love my own work and get inspired by you every day!

This month, it seems fitting to focus on what we are thankful for, so our business challenge is “Gratitude Adjustment“.

You might be thinking, “Ok, but I am already grateful about a lot of things!”  Good!  That means this month you can go deeper and be more grateful about more things more often!

I’m calling this challenge a Gratitude Adjustment because, just like our attitudes, gratitude is a choice.  When we are in a situation that doesn’t easily bring out our gratitude, we can still choose to find the good in it instead of just giving into everything unpleasant and challenging about a situation.

This is important because gratitude attracts what we want.  It goes along with Big Fish Principle #1: Give energy to that which you want to grow.  I like to think of gratitude as a flashlight, and when we point out what we are grateful for, it shines the light on those things and allows them to grow in our lives and businesses.

I believe that gratitude is core to our success in all areas of our lives and business.  Research even shows that being thankful impacts our health.  Thankful people:

  • sleep better
  • exercise more
  • are more content, and
  • engage in more pro-active self-care behaviors
There is a magic with gratitude that helps make us happier, healthier, and more productive — all components of success.
Ask yourself EACH DAY this month:  “How can I step up my level of gratitude?” then take action!  (Hint: sharing your gratitude exponentially increases it — share it here, and with others around you!).